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We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Traffic Cones India,Traffic Cones Manufacturers in India, Traffic Cones Suppliers in India, Road Safety Cones Suppliers in India, Road Safety Cones Manufacturers in India, Buy Traffic Cones Online in India, Traffic Cones Online Prices in India, Traffic Cones Online Store in India. We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Exporter of Traffic Cones from India. Traffic Cones are also called as Traffic cones, Traffic Safety Cones, Road safety Cones, PVC Traffic Cones, Parking cones, Road cones which is generally a conical marker used on roads or highways. It is generally placed on roads to warn drivers not to drive too close to an area where work is being done. It is used in directing traffic, indicate special routes, use at sporting events. Safety Cones are also used to delineate short-duration maintenance and utility work. By using these Safety Cones Traffic management can be done and happening of unnatural incidents near maintenance and utility works can be avoided. Road Safety Cones Features: Made of special PVC material that makes them highly flexible and durable. A high reflective sleeve is fixed on the cone for better visibility in all weather conditions. It also has provision for fixing of “O” Ring, plastic chain or caution tape.

We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporters of Road Safety Cones in Hyderabad (India), also called as Parking Safety Cones, Traffic Safety Cones, etc.. We present Road Safety Cones which are extensively used during construction projects or automobile accidents. These are designed accurately with quality raw materials to assure longer working life. Road Cones can be used on highways, at construction sites, at parking lots, during events etc.,. These are designed with chain to create boundary on the roads. Our traffic safety cones will not fade and will retain their colour. Our Road cones come with high reflective sleeves for night time reflectivity. Road Safety Cones which are extensively used during construction projects or automobile accidents. These are designed accurately with quality raw materials to assure longer working life.


Road Cones can be used on highways, at construction sites, at parking lots, during events etc., these are designed with chain to create boundary on the roads. Our traffic safety cones will not fade and will retain their colour. Our Road cones come with high reflective sleeves for night time reflectivity Traffic cones, are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. They are often used to create separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents, although heavier, more permanent markers or signs are used if the diversion is to stay in place for a long period of time. The term "road cone" is also commonly used in the construction industry as a light-hearted insult. It is used to describe an individual who spends most of the day just standing still, making no attempt to get involved in the work they should be doing. 

Traffic Management:

Traffic cones are typically used outdoors during road work or other situations requiring traffic redirection or advance warning of hazards or dangers, or the prevention of traffic. Traffic cones are also used to mark where children are playing or to block off an area. For night time use or low-light situations traffic cones are usually fitted with a retro reflective sleeve to increase visibility. On occasion, traffic cones may also be fitted with flashing lights for the same reason.Traffic cones are designed to be highly visible and easily movable. These Traffic Cones also have a retro reflective strip (commonly known as "flash tape") to increase their visibility. But we deal Only with Fluorescent Orange for Traffic & Highway Purposes.


•Height - 750 mm

•Base - 400 x 400 mm

•Weight - 4.8 Kg's

•Reflective Sleeve - 100 mm

•UV Protected.


•Provision of holes for fixing plastic chain

•Bright colour UV stabilized

•Good weathering property

•Easy of handling, storage and stackable

•Reflective sleeve for day night visibility

•Excellent flexure strength



•Widely used for road safety


•Specifically designed to be provided on roads and highways to fulfil a Variety of application from safety point of view

•Lane dividing

•Road diversion

•Parking areas

•Men at work zone

•Traffic channelization

•Cones are used to lay out courses for autocross competitions.

•Cones are also frequently used in indoor public spaces to mark off areas which are closed to pedestrians, such as a restroom being out of order, or to denote a dangerous condition, such as a slippery floor.


5.1.What is a Traffic Cone?

Road Safety Traffic Cones which are extensively used during construction projects or automobile accidents. These are designed accurately with quality raw materials to assure longer working life.

5.2.Description of Traffic Cone?

Traffic Cones are in the Shape of Ice Cream Cone but it is in bigger Size. These Traffic Cones are used to restrict the Areas, to bifurcation the Roads and to indicate that the Road Construction is going on etc., The Base of the Traffic Cone is in the shape of Square and has a Rubber which holds the grip of the Road. Traffic Cones are portable which can be moved from one place to other. There is a Reflective Sheet on the Traffic Cone which reflects when the light fall on it and helps the Vehicles to divert from that Way. 

5.3.Why We Use Traffic Cone?

Traffic Cones are most useful Product on road while construction to avoid accidents, after construction to divide the Road into two ways, near Parking Lots, foot Paths etc., These Traffic Cones Help the vehicles to alert themselves to move in a proper way and avoid accidents in day, Night & in any Weather Conditions.                  

5.4.Colours of Traffic Cones & What they indicate?

•Generally used traffic cones are in Bright Orange Colour with Reflective sheeting on it. These Orange Colour Traffic Cones are used at Construction Sites to indicate that the Construction Project is going on.

•Red Colour Traffic Cones are used on Roads to bifurcate the Roads, this indicates to stop the Vehicle and move in a right Direction.

•We deal in above shown Traffic Cones.


There are a lot of instances in which traffic becomes very dangerous especially when a road construction is going on. Accidents can surely happen anytime that is why it is very important to use traffic cones. This will catch the attention of all the drivers that a road construction work is going on.  The materials are all considered helpful and useful in a way for some good reasons. They are easy to carry, portable and highly visible. They are considered good tool that can avoid any type of road accident that could possibly happen. Without these tools, vehicles will have a difficult time in determining the dangerous way.This is also used to prevent any accidents and to control the overall flow of the traffic. It also has the ability to give you the right direction for safety which is indeed very necessary for every driver and passenger. This is created mainly for safety reasons among drivers and people on the streets. The usual colour it has is bright orange to draw the attention of every driver or person walking. The people must be able to see them right away through their colour. The reflective strip can also provide high visibility at night or during bad weather. There are other colours as well like bright green but orange is the commonly used by companies. Their shape has its purpose as well. Their conical shape give them sturdy foundation and strong base that can highly resist strong wind and so on. The easy stacking ability is also another advantage of having this kind of shape. They are also portable as mentioned and very convenient for them to use. They are usually made of both rubber and plastic to prevent any vehicle damage when they are accidentally hit.

The most important attribute of this structure is their high visibility. Well, additionally they are also very stable and they can easily deliver the safety message to everyone. These qualities are indeed very important for everyone. They are not just applicable outside any building or mall, they also be present inside to remind anyone of a dangerous area. These materials are indeed flexible in addition to their portability. They are mostly used in construction works and they are considered serious tools so anyone cannot just use it for some crazy stuff. The high durability will give them good investment that can last for a long time. They should be maintained as well for them to last longer. The basic purpose is road protection and must be highly utilized based on this.

7.Life Span & Warranty of Traffic Cones:

•Our Product can Sustain Up to 3 Year if there is no Usage Defects.

•One Year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect but not Usage Defect / Natural Calamity.

8.CONCLUSION: These are the Complete Specifications & Uses of of Traffic Cones these are very helpful in Parking areas, in construction sites, in bifurcation of the roads etc. This is why it is called as a worlds product. 

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