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We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Exporter of Rubber Speed Breaker from India,We are Leading Manufacturers of Rubber Speed Breaker in Hyderabad(India). YNM Safety is Manufacturer, Exporter,Wholesaler and Supplier of Speed Breaker Manufacturers. A RUBBER SPEED BREAKER (also called a Road Hump, Speed Bumps, Speed Humps, Speed Bumpers) . We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Rubber Speed Breakers in Hyderabad ( India ). The Speed Breakers are used to reduce the Speed of Vehicles. The Speed breakers locate in some places which surface consists of little bit height to compare with normal roadway.We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporters of Rubber Speed Breakers in Hyderabad (India) also called as Speed Bumps, Speed Bumbers, Speed humps, Speed Breakers.

1.INTRODUCTION TO RUBBER SPEED BREAKERS: We are specialized in manufacturing of Rubber Speed Breakers, which are made from high grade rubber and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (M-class) Rubber). These Speed Breakers are highly resistant to various impacts and harsh weather conditions. We provide speed breakers with reflectors.The Speed Breakers are Traffic Management devices. This can be used to slow down the vehicles passing over them. The available end-caps finish off the ends of the speed bump for a smooth complete look. The Speed Breakers also called as Speed Bumps and Speed Humps and Speed Ramps.


1.Material: Made from High Impact Resistant Rubber & EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (M-class) Rubber).

2.Length : 500 mm

3.Width : 400 mm / 425 mm

4.Height : 50 mm / 75 mm

5.Weight of Rubber Speed  Breakers : 18 Kgs / 25 Kgs

6.1 Meter = 2 Pieces - One Black & One Yellow.

7. Load Bearing Capacity - 40 Tons i.e., it will take the load of 40 Tons of the Running vehicle but not Standing Vehicle.    

8.Two Reflectors in One Piece & 4 Reflectors in One Meter.

9.4 Screwing Points on One Piece, total 8 Screwing Points in One Meter.

10.Made in India.


•Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road.

•Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes, not needs repainting

•Easy to install on the road, Compact design, more durable.

•It controls car speed maintaining a continuous traffic flow in public roads.

•It protects the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles in parking lots.

•Embedded light reflectors are standard on both sides of all middle sections 

•High visibility yellow sections contrasting with pure black sections




•School Zone.

•Toll Plaza

•Entry Point of Bridges

•Narrow Roads 


•Residential areas

•Bus Stations

•Railway stations


5.1.What is a Speed Breaker?

The Speed Breakers is a product which is used to reduce the speed of Vehicles. These are used in controlling the accidents on highways and also helps to control the speed of Vehicle.

5.2.Description of Speed Breakers?

There are Two Pieces in 1 Meter of Speed Breakers. One is in Yellow Colour & the other is in Black Colour. There are 2 Reflectors in One Piece i.e in 1 Meter we can find 4 Reflectors in the Shape of Arrow as Shown Below. There are 4 Screwing Points on one Piece of Speed Breaker to Install the Speed Breaker on Roads. On one Meter of Speed Breaker we can find 8 Screwing Points for Installation. There are zigzag lines on Speed Breaker which helps to drain out the water on Roads when rain falls and does not face the colour in any weather conditions.

Rubber Speed Bumps it is very compact and has high resistance capacity to withstand severe impacts. The pre-coloured UV stabilized material (Black & Yellow) provides it permanent colour. For clear vision in the night two reflectors are fixed on both sides of the bump. We hold expertise in offering our valuable clients a wide range of Speed Breakers. Precisely made from optimum quality rubber sourced from reliable vendors in compliance with the set industry standards, these breakers are extensively demanded in the global market.

5.3. Why we use Rubber Speed Breakers on Roads?

The Speed Breakers are used to reduce the Speed of Vehicles. The Speed breakers locate in some places which surface consists of little bit height to compare with normal roadway. The main purpose is to reducing the Accidents by control of vehicle speed. When the Speed breakers having distance between one to another is minimum 100 to 200 meters it’s based on the traffic of road.  This Speed Breakers conforms to government standards and industry regulations. National Highways Authority of India is responsible for highways.

5.4.Where are they used on Roads?

 Speed Breakers are installed at where there is a consistent record of accidents are happened to the speed of vehicles. These are installed at Toll Plazas, entry point of bridges and narrow roads to control the vehicle speed.   

These are also placed at urban areas for minor roads like school zones, hospitals, residential areas, bus Stations and railway stations. So that children’s and Senior citizens are easily crossed the road.  The Speed Breakers not recommended for high speed roads and highways outside of urban areas.The vehicles drivers should be warned of the presence of speed breakers are installed on the road by posting a suitable sign boards. And speed breakers are mostly used in yellow and block colour combination with reflectors. These reflectors which reflects the light to visible the place of speed breakers in night time.

5.5.How to Install Speed Breakers on the Roads?

•Before installing your speed bumps, make sure that the road surface that you will be fitting them onto is clean, dry, and undamaged. 

•If any damage to the surface should be repaired before the speed ramps are installed to provide a reasonably flat and consistent surface.

•To Position speed bump in desired location. Mark where to fix bolt holes sit. Remove speed bump.

•Drill each marking through pavement to create space for steel spikes.

•Mix enough epoxy for one installation. Fill the holes to 2” from top with adhesive.  

•Apply adhesive to bottom of speed bump/speed hump & Set in correct place & Install washers with hammer.

•Install washers and hardware as instructed above.

6.Life Span & Warranty of Speed Breakers:

•Our Product can sustain Up to 1 Year if there is no Usage Defects.

•One Year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect but not Usage Defect / Natural Calamity. 


These are the Complete Specifications & Uses of of Speed Breakers these are very helpful in Highways, Parking areas, in construction sites etc., to control the accidents. This is why it is called as a world’s product. 

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