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YNMSAFETY is the Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Convex Mirror from Hyderabad to all over India and This Convex Mirror is used for Parking , Road and Traffic Safety. The Road Safety Convex Mirrors produce virtual, diminished (smaller than object) and erect (with respect to object) images for real objects.


Our organization has successfully expanded its business in market owing to the offered elevated quality array of Convex Mirrors. The offered mirrors are manufactured utilizing superior quality glass and modern technology in line with industry norms. Moreover, these mirrors are preferred for vehicles because they give an upright, though diminished, image. We provide these mirrors in different sizes and specifications at industry leading prices.

Convex Mirror / Diverging Mirror are manufactured by making use of the polycarbonate reflective mirrors and contemporary technology at our advanced  production unit. Convex Mirror are widely used for different traffic and road safety purposes. They always produce virtual, diminished (smaller than object) and erect (with respect to object) images for real objects. The image is always formed on the opposite side of the mirror as the object and is always formed between the focus and pole of the mirror. Sign convention: The radius of curvature and thus focal length are positive and the focus is 'virtual'.


•Material: ABS Back Body. 

•Lens: Polycarbonate Mirror - Which is 200 Times stronger than the regular Glass. 

•Dimension: 24" (60 Cm’s), 32" (80 Cm’s ) & 40" ( 100 Cm’s ). 

•Viewing Angle: 130-160 degree. 

•Viewing Distance: 0-20 Meters. 

•Not affected by any type of light ray. 

•Weather Proof. 

•Impact Resistance. 

•Bright Reflection. 


•It is not easy to break down, and effectively improve the security.  

•Clear Resolution With No Distorted. 

•Inexpensive Security. 


•Light weight

•Unbreakable and Unalterable

•Easy to Install


•130 degree of viewing angle for internal and external purposes

•Made up of Polycarbonate reflective Mirrors.

•Body is made of ABS, Fibre, Plastic

•Outdoor use with hood

•Complete with Mounting Hardware


•It is commonly used to overcome sight restriction problem in visibility deficient areas.

•It is applicable for spacious areas such as industrial facilities, warehouses, retail showroom, parking lots, at road intersections, junctions, or on single lane roads with opposing traffic flows.  

•The convex mirror is used as side-view mirror on the passenger’s side of a car because it forms an erect and smaller image for the way behind the car.

•The convex mirror is suitable for convenient shop and big supermarket and any other corner where need anti-thief, It is used in the turning off the road and parking.

•Convex mirrors are used inside the buildings near Parking Area.

•They can be used as street light reflectors because they can spread the light over a bigger area, they are put on the corners of roads so that you can see any cars coming to avoid the collisions and they are used as ceiling dome mirrors.


5.1.What is a Convex Mirror?

Convex Mirror is a Road Safety & Parking Safety Product which can be used on Roads & Apartments to avoid the unfortunate accidents while turning etc. The Convex   Mirrors produce virtual, diminished (smaller than object) and erect (with respect to object) images for real objects.

5.2.Description of Convex Mirror?

Convex Mirror is in the shape of Circular with a hat type Plastic at the Top of the Mirror. The Colour of the Plastic is in orange Colour and the Material is Poly carbonate. Back side of Convex Mirror there are Screwing Points to fix the clamps to the Conex Mirror. There are clamps, Nuts & Washers which are to be fixed over Convex Mirror to install either by Pedestrian Mounting or by Wall Mounting. For Pedestrian Mounting we need Pole of 3 Mtrs and for Wall Mounting we need Ms Clamp.  There are 3 Sizes of Convex Mirror i.e 24” (60 cm), 32” (80 cm), 40” (100 cm). Depending upon the application we use different sizes of Convex Mirror.

5.3.Why we use Conex Mirror on Roads?

Convex Mirror Plays a Major Role on Roads. The Convex Mirror is placed in a Place where there are Two Road / 3 Road Junction in a Diagonal form so that we can view the Image of opposite way. If any Vehicle is passing very fast we can come slowly, so that we can avoid the accident. If there is no Convex Mirror in that Place. If two vehicle comes with same speed and it may cause to an accident. To avoid these type of accidents we install Convex Mirrors on Roads.

5.4.Working Principle of Convex Mirror?

The Working Principle of Convex Mirror is to produce virtual, diminished (smaller than object) and erect (with respect to object) images for real objects. The image is always formed on the opposite side of the mirror as the object and is always formed between the focus and pole of the mirror. Sign convention: The radius of curvature and thus focal length are positive and the focus is 'virtual'.

Convex Mirror Play a Major Role on Roads for Controlling the Accidents. These are installed in a Diagonal Form on the Road/ in Parking Areas where there is a 2 way / 3 way Roads. So that the Convex Mirror Shows the Virtual Images of Coming Vehicles in the Opposite way where they cannot see that the Vehicles are coming. These Helps in avoiding the accidents.      

5.5.How to fix Convex Mirror?


Fixing of Convex Mirrors are of Two Ways.

1.Wall Mounting 

2.Pedestrian Mounting

1.Wall Mounting : 

    Convex Mirror is installed over Wall by using Clamps. These are Mainly Used at the Entrance of Apartments, Hospitals, Malls in Parking Areas where we can find the  Vehicle Passing on Roads and other Vehicle which is passing into the Parking Area. Generally Wall Mounting is used for Parking Purpose only. 

2.Pedestrian Mounting :

     Convex Mirror is installed over Roads, Highways, Junctions by using Pole of 3 Mtrs is called Pedestrian Mounting. These Convex Mirrors are installed by digging the hole on ground and fixing the pole in that and then convex mirror is fixed to the pole in a diagonal form. So that the Other Direction Vehicles need to be visible. Generally these type of Mirrors are used ON Highways, Junctions to avoid the accidents.


6.Life Span & Warranty of Convex Mirror:

•Our Product can sustain Up to 1 Year if there is no Usage Defects.

•One Year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect but not Usage Defect / Natural Calamity.  


            These are the Complete Specifications & Uses of  Convex Mirror these are very helpful in Parking areas, in construction sites, in Junction Roads etc.  This is why it is called as a world’s product. 


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