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Alcohol Breath Analyser with Printer Manufacturers in India, We are one of the leading Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter of Alcohol Breath Analyser with GPS and Printer product from Hyderabad to all over India. We are engaged in offering a Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer at affordable prices. Which is also called as Alcohol Analyser with gps and printer, Alcohol Breath Analyser with Inbuilt printer, Breath Tester Inbuilt Printer, Breath Alcohol Analyser with inbuilt Printer, Breath Alcohol analyser inbuilt printer, Breath analyser with printer etc. Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer suppliers in Hyderabad, Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer manufacturers in Hyderabad, Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer Manufacturers in India, Breath Alcohol Analyser with Inbuilt Printer exporter in India, Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer prices in Hyderabad.  We only supply High quality Breath Analysers for accurate and reliable alcohol testing. This Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer is used to detect the presence of alcohol vapours contained in the breath and gives visual indication. This Alcohol Analyser with printer is manufactured with the use of optimum quality components with the advanced technology and user friendly approach. This Alcohol Analyser has white touch screen inbuilt printer to provide alcohol content in breath in printed format which means alcoholic concentration with date and time. This Alcohol Breath Analyser with printer mainly used at station, office, Company, Home, by traffic police, military, laboratory, factory etc. Our offered product has so many features like excellent durability, robust construction, light weight, accurate results, inbuilt thermal printer with 20,000 data memories, Fuel Cell Sensor with 3.2 inch touch screen and more.

1. Introduction to Alcohol Breath Analyser with Printer:

Alcohol Breath analyser is fuel cell porous disk with a thin layer platinum black on both faces. Any alcohol that comes in contact with cell’s surface is broken down chemically. For each molecule of alcohol that is broken down a given number of electrons are freed during the process. Our Provided product display has 3.2 inch touch screen inbuilt printer, Navigating input key with touch panel, PC down via USB connectivity cable and able to store 20,000 data memories.

We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Alcohol Breath Analyser / Analyzer in Hyderabad ( India ), Alcohol Breath Analyser Manufacturer in India, Alcohol Breath Analyser suppliers in Hyderabad, Alcohol Breath Analyser Suppliers in India, Alcohol Breath Analyser Exporter. Alcohol Breath Analyzer Manufacturer in India, Alcohol Breath Analyzer suppliers in Hyderabad, Alcohol Breath Analyzer Suppliers in India, Alcohol Breath Analyzer Exporter. Alcohol Breath Analyzer Alcohol Breath Analyser / Analyzer / Breath Alcohol Analyser Featurers: Advanced Hot-wire alcohol sensor Quick response and resume SMD assembling, stable performance Smart MCU control Direct testing process LCD indication Digital LCD display with light blue backup Portable and fashion design Audio warning beyond pre-set limit Sensor Fault Self checking Battery saved design, low voltage indication We regularly Supply the Alcohol Breath Analyser / Breath Alcohol Analyser in Hyderabad ( India ). The Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer or Alco meter is simple to use, rapid response instrument that is used simply to determine whether or not a person has any Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in their breath.

 It is ideal for the bulk screening environment where a very high number of subjects require screening quickly and accurately e.g. mining industry, nightclubs, and schools or before driving etc. It is also used extensively by Police Forces around the world, mainly for screening spot-checking of drivers. This device adopts advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor which has excellent sensitivity and reproducibility, fashionable and portable design make it more convenient for personal use. It comes with car adapter which is included in the box.We supply quality breathalysers and breathalyzers to all over the world at a competitive price. We only supply high quality breathalyzers for accurate and reliable alcohol testing. All breathalysers are individually quality checked before despatch to the customer in PLAIN packaging.


•Advanced Hot-wire alcohol sensor

•Quick response and resume

•SMD assembling, stable performance

•Smart MCU control

•Direct testing process LCD indication

•Digital LCD display with light blue backup

•Portable and fashion design

•Audio warning beyond pre-set limit

•Sensor Fault Self checking

•Battery saved design, low voltage indication

•Outstanding design

•Easy to use

•Long-term functionality

•Professional model meant for employees, drivers, police etc.

•Smart microprocessor controlled.

•Gives out audible sound alarm if you above the drink drive limit.    

•5 testing data memory.

•Can be used with or without the mouthpieces supplied.     

•Battery saving design, low voltage indication.

•Removable mouthpiece, easy to clean and replace.

•Illumination for use in dark (Auto shut off after 20 seconds)

•Breath Tester used as a monitor, it can indicate when equivalent blood alcohol percentages are below or above the legal limits





•Security Services






4.1.What is Alcohol Breath Analyser? The Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer or Alco meter is simple to use, rapid response instrument that is used simply to determine whether or not a person has any Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in their breath.

4.2.Description of Alcohol Breath Analyser? The Alcohol Breath Tester is commonly used at home, bar, laboratory, Police, Military, and Airport or while you are on the road Device provided with extra mouthpieces for convenience. Units activated through a micro switch, after a brief internal self test; the test subject blows through the sensor and result are converted and read within few seconds.

4.3.Types of Alcohol Breath Analyser? There are two types of Alcohol Breath Analyser.

1.Alcohol Breath Analyser without Printer 

2.Alcohol Breath Analyser with Printer.

1.Alcohol Breath Analyser without Printer: Alcohol Breath Analyser without Printer is a device which is not connected to Printer and no Possibility to Give the Print. It is used for only to Display the Percentage of Alcohol in the Breath of the Person. This type of Devices are Most Used for Self where to check that at what Quantity / limit they took the Alcohol, etc.,

2.Alcohol Breath Analyser with Printer: Alcohol Breath Analyser with Printer is a device which has in buit Printer in it. This device Prints the Result when the Test is completed. This also Displays the Percentage as well as Prints it for Records. This type of Alcohol Breath Analysers are used by Traffic Police on Roads / Particular Area where the Alcohol is Restricted.

4.4.Why We Use Alcohol Breath Analyser? Alcohol Breath Analyser is generally used for Safety Purpose on Roads / Highways by Police / Self. These are also used where the Restriction of Alcohol is recommended such as Airports / Military etc. These help the Person to know whether he is Drunk / not. This helps to avoid accidents on Roads / Helps to Avoid Nonsense in Particular Private area.

4.5. Where are they used? Drivers are initially tested for alcohol impairment at the roadside with a screening device. If this produces a positive test, evidential breath testing is performed at the police station. Motorists can be stopped and required to take a breath test by police at the scene of a road traffic accident, if a police officer suspects a motorist may be driving under the influence of alcohol, or if a motorist commits a moving traffic offence.Screening devices are about the size of old fashioned mobile phones. The driver blows into a disposable mouthpiece for each test. The whole process takes about a minute for the device to record the result. Screening devices offer four result categories: “zero,” “pass,” “warn,” and “fail”. Anyone who fails the test is arrested and is required to perform an evidential breath test at a police station. 

4.6.How to Use Alcohol Breath Analyser? Turn it on, blow into it for 5 seconds, and you'll receive audio and visual warnings if you're over the limit.

5.Life Span & Warranty of Alcohol Breath Analyser:

•One Year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect but not Usage Defect / Natural Calamity.

•Our Product can sustain up to 1 year without any Usage Defect.

6.CONCLUSION: These are the Complete Specifications, Features, applications & uses of Alcohol Breath Analyser. This helps us to Know how Important and Where to use Alcohol Breath Analyser. This gives you a Complete Picture of the Product.

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