Rubber Parking Blocks Manufacturers in India


We are Leading manufacturers, Suppliers, Solution Provider and Installation Service provider of RUBBER PARKING BLOCKS LIKE WHEEL STOPPER / WHEEL CHOCKS / DOCK BUMPER in India. We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporters of Rubber Truck Wheel Stopper / Parking Wheel Stopper in Hyderabad (India), Rubber Wheel Stopper manufacturers in India, Rubber Wheel Stopper manufacturers in Hyderabad, Rubber Wheel Stopper suppliers, Rubber Wheel Stopper suppliers in India, Rubber Wheel Stopper suppliers in Hyderabad. The wheel stopper - parking guide is designed to make parking easier. It helps to park the vehicle in the same place every time and is great for cars, trucks, RVs, and trailers. Our Rubber Wheel Stopper is designed from premium quality rubber sourced from authentic vendors.Wheel chocks: We being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporters of Rubber Wheel Chocks in Hyderabad (India), also called as Parking Wheel chocks, Truck Wheel Chocks, Rubber Wheel Stopper.Using superior grade rubber, the offered product is manufactured with the help of innovative techniques. The provided Rubber Parking Block & Wheel Chocks is highly cherished among the clients for providing ease in stopping and blocking the cars, trucks bus etc. These devices are used in parking lots and parking garages to ensure vehicles stop at the proper location while parking and preventing damage to building sidewalks, curbs & landscapes. 

We are Leading manufacturers, Suppliers, Solution Provider and Installation Service provider of Rubber Dock Bumper for Warehouse parking in India. We are a leading Manufacturer of d type Dock Bumper, Rubber dock bumpers, Warehouse Dock bumpers, Marine Ship rubber bumper, Warehouse loading dock bumpers and epdm d type dock bumpers in India.With the customer focused approach and vast industrial experience, we are providing a wide array of Warehouse D Type Rubber Dock Bumper as required by our valued clients. These act as shock absorbers between two objects which are used in vehicles. Also, this range is made using optimum grade components in adherence with the highest benchmarks of quality for a satisfaction of the customers. we are offering a wide range of Rubber Dock Bumper to the clients. The offered products are widely appreciated in the market for their high quality. Apart from this, this product is from natural rubber at our well-equipped infrastructure unit.


•Rubber Wheel chock is commonly useful for every vehicle involved in loading and unloading of the goods. OSH already given the rule of rubber wheel chocks to be used for the vehicle while loading and unloading of the goods.

•This Rubber wheel chock is made by Rubber only.

•Using other type of wheel chocks can easily damage the truck wheels also.


3.1.What is Wheel Stopper & Wheel Chocks?

Wheel Stopper is a Product which is used for stopping the Vehicles in a same Place like Parking Areas etc.

Wheel Chocks are used for stopping the Heavy Loaded Vehicles in Factories, Industries etc.,

3.2.Description of Wheel Stopper & Wheel Chocks?

Wheel Stopper is made up of recycled rubber which  has a Reflective Strips on it. This Wheel Stopper is in a shape of Rectangle. This reflective strips reflects when the light falls on it and intimates that there is a stop at that point. There are two holes on wheel stopper which helps to install this stopper at particular place. Wheel Chocks are made up of recycled rubber which can move from one place to other. These are in a Shape of Triangle which helps to stop the heavy vehicles.

3.3.Types of Wheel chocks? 

There are no Models in Wheel Stopper but for Wheel Chocks we deal in two Models:

 1.Wheel Chocks 

 2.Heavy Weight Wheel Chocks

 1.Wheel Chocks: These wheel chocks are used by vehicles in small industries where there is no use of heavy loading of trucks etc.

 2.Heavy Weight Wheel Chocks: These type of wheel chocks are used by vehicles in factories / industries where there is a heavy loading of trucks etc.

3.4.Why We Use Car Wheel Stopper?

Wheel Stopper / Wheel Chocks are used to stop the Vehicles for the difference is that the capacity of Wheel stopper is only to stop Car in Apartments etc., and the capacity of Wheel Chocks is to stop the Heavy Vehicles such as Trucks in Industries / Factories etc.,

3.5.Where are they used?

Wheel Stoppers are used in parking areas of Apartments, Shopping Malls, Movie theatres, etc.,

Wheel Chocks are used for trucks while loading / unloading in Industries, Factories, etc.,

3.6.How are they Fixed Car Wheel Stopper?

Wheel Stoppers are fixed using Bolts. Firstly select the area where the wheel stopper is to be installed and mark the points where the bolts need to be inserted. Now make holes using drilling machine in that particular area and insert Wheel stopper. At last fix the wheel stopper with bolts through the holes.There is no Installation for wheel chocks, these are portable and can move from one place to other.

4. Life Span & Warranty of Wheel Stopper & Wheel Chocks:

•One Year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect but not Usage Defect / Natural Calamity.

•Our Product can sustain up to 1 year without any Usage Defect.

5.CONCLUSION: These are the Complete Specifications, Uses of Wheel Stopper & Wheel Chocks. These are Compulsory to avoid accidents in Parking Areas and while loading and unloading of Material in industries.

Rubber Dock Bumper Manufacturers and Suppliers with Installation Service provider in India.

Rubber Dock Bumper Specifications:

  • 1. Material : EPDM Rubber.
  • 2. Type : D Type.
  • 3. One Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defect.
  • 4. Low electrical conductivity
  • 5. Resistance to steam and water
  • 6. Resistance to UV exposure, ozone, aging, weathering, and many chemicals - great for outdoor applications.
  • 7. Size: 100 mm X 100 mm X 50 mm / Size: 150 mm X 150mm X 75 mm / 200 mm X 200mm X 100 mm
  • 8. Length : 1 Meter

Rubber Dock Bumper Features:

  • Accurate dimensions
  • Lightweight
  • Precisely designed
  • Easy to install
  • Reliability
  • Smooth finish

Rubber Dock Bumper Applications:

  • Warehouses Safety at the time of loading
  • marine Ship Safety 
  • Used For Loading Docks, 
  • Container Terminals, 
  • Logistics Parks

D type Bumpers are used for Warehouses and Logistics Parks, Pharma Cos, Steel Plants and Companies , Heavy Engineering Companies , Cement Companies , Airports , Air Cargos and Courier Companies, etc. These D type Bumpers display a higher energy absorption capacity, thus minimizing deface contact. These Bumpers can also be mounted on Containers , Flight Service Vehicles, Service Stations etc . by means of anchor bolts . D type Bumpers are supplied with D hole rounded hollow or solid.

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