Parking Epoxy and Primer Marking Paint Contractor in Hyderabad

Parking Epoxy & Primer Marking Paint: This type of Paint is applied on Parking Areas such as Apartments, Children Park, etc. Here we use Yellow colour Road Marking Paint. These helps in Directing the Way and also helps in night while Reflecting.

 Types of Parking Marking Paint ?

1. Thermoplastic Marking Parking Paint:

1. Material : Thermoplastic Paint with Glass Bead

2. Colour : Yellow / White.

3. Thickness : 2.5 mm

4. Outstanding Visibility

5. High Durability

6. Fast Drying Properties

7. Maximum 5 minutes drying time

8. Gauranty / Warranty : 2 Years.

9. Applied on RCC / Bitumen / PU Surface.

Thermoplastic Car Marking 4" (100 mm)

Thermoplastic Car Marking 6" ( 150 mm)

Thermoplastic Arrow Marking Paint

1. Length: 2.5 Mtrs / 3 Mtrs

2. Width : 300 mm

Thermoplastic Pedestrain Way Crossing Marking Piant

1. Length: 3 Mtrs

2. Width : 500 mm

2. Pedestrain Way Marking: 

   Parking Slot Numbering

   Column Painting

1.Material : Enamel & Primer.

2. Colour : Customisation

3. One coat of Enamel & Two Coats of Primer.

4. No Guarantee / Warranty can be given.

5. Applied on RCC Surface.

3. Bay Marking:

1. Material : Epoxy & Primer.

2. Colour : Customisation.

3. One Coat of Epoxy and Two Coats of Primer.

4. No Guarantee / Warranty can be given.

5. 9. Applied on RCC Surface.

4. Luminous Marking Paint:

1. Material : Night Glow Paint.

2. Glow Time : 6 Hours.

3. It absorbs the glow from Light produced by Vehicles.

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Types of Thermoplastic Road Parking Lots Marking Paint?

  • 1.Road Marking Paint
  • a.Lines Marking
  • b.Arrow Marking
  • c.Pedestrian Marking
  • 2.Parking Marking Paint.
  • a.Lines Marking
  • b.Arrow Marking
  • c.Zebra Crossing                      

Car Parking Lot Marking Paint Features: 

Markings available in hot Thermoplastic Paint /cold paints/Solventbased paints/Water based/Epoxy paints/.All Paint Materials comply with Specification for Pavement MarkingPaints.Markings are of highest standard.Markings can be applied to new and existing Car Park.Bituminous tack coats for use on Concrete surfaces.Lines / Letters / Numerals / Arrows / SymbolsColors available include White - Yellow

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