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We are Leading Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler, Parking Projects Executor and Service Provider for Complete Project for Parking, Parking Safety Products Installation Services and PARKING SAFETY SOLUTIONS in Hyderabad (India), Parking safety equipment manufacturers in India: Road, parking Safety products & Equipments with installation Service in all over India, We are Leading Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler, and Installation Service Provider in Hyderabad (India), of Parking Safety Products. Projects Executor and Service Provider for Complete range for Parking... for Parking Safety We are Offering complete choice of products for Parking which include.. Thermo Plastic Parking Marking Paint, Speed Breakers, Rumble Strips, Automatic Boom Barrier, LED Solar Blinkers, Sign Boards, Road Studs, Corner Guard, Car Parking Blocks, Wall Guards, Convex Mirror, Truck Wheel Chocks, Car Wheel Lock, Traffic light baton, Traffic cones, Plastic Chain, Spring Post.

Parking Safety Products: We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Traders and Suppliers of parking Safety Equipment’s from Hyderabad to all over India. We are offering a premium quality of Parking Safety Equipment’s with installation service at reasonable prices. These Parking Safety Products are mainly used to help the passers to move in right direction and used to prevent from road accidents. Our Parking Safety equipment’s is manufactured by using premium quality material and advanced technology. Our offered range of parking Safety Products has all the essential equipment’s such as Thermo Plastic Road and Parking Lot Reflective Marking Paint, Speed Breakers, Rubber Corner Guards, Rubber Wall Guards, Rubber Rumble Strips, Rubber Wheel Chocks, Traffic and parking sign Boards, Rubber parking Blocks, Convex Mirrors, Barricade Chain, LED Baton, Median Makers, Reflective Radium Tape, Road Cones, Road Studs, Que Manager, Spring Post, Traffic Safety Barriers, Solar Flashers, Wheel Stopper and Wheel Lock, Anti-skid night glow floor marking tape, Road Barricade Bollard Barriers. Our Parking Safety Products are easy to use, easy installation, Sturdy construction design, Superior durability, Environmental friendly in usage and High visibility etc. Which are mainly used in High road crossing, Toll gate, Parking Lots, Construction areas, and other areas. It is our vision to exceed customer satisfaction levels by delivering on-time quality products at reasonable price. We are committed to providing value priced, quality parking Safety Products that offer effective solutions for the various needs for your properties.

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Parking Safety Contractors in India, Parking Safety Contractors in Hyderabad, Parking Lot Safety Contractors in India, Car Parking Safety Contractors in India.

Our Parking Safety Products, Solution and Contractor Service Range:

  1. Parking Lot Guidence Sign Boards.
  2. Parking Pavement Marker.
  3. Thermoplastic Road Parking Line Marking Paint / Car Parking Marking Paint.
  4. Speed Breakers / Rubber Speed breakers / Plastic Speed Breakers / Speed Bumps / Speed humps/ Road Bumpers.
  5.  Rumble Strips / Rubber Rumbler Strips.
  6.  Parking Safety Convex Mirror / Traffic Safety Mirror.

1. Parking Safety Solution and Contractors for ThermoPlastic Road and Parking Lot Reflective Marking Paint from Hyderabad to all over India:

1. ThermoPlastic Road and Parking Lot Reflective Marking Paint: ThermoPlastic Road Marking Paint Contractors, Road Marking Painting Service Provider, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Provider from Hyderabad to all over India. Road Marking with Hot Applied Thermoplastic Compound with Reflectrising Glass Beads on Bituminous.Thermoplastic Road Marking paint also called as Road Marking Paint, Traffic Marking reflective Paint and Parking Marking Paint, Zebra Crossing Paint, Parking and Lane Markings Paint.Surface: Providing and laying of hot applied thermoplastic compound 2.5 mm thickincluding reflectorising glass beads at 250 gms per sqm area, thickness of 2.5 mm is exclusive of surface appliedglass beads as per IRC:35. The finished surface to be level, uniform and free from streaks and holes complete as per NHAI specifications. i.e, MORTH Specification No. 803 ,These Thermoplastic Road Marking paints are extensively used for marking marks on highways, streets and roads to avoid any accident. The offered paints are processed using excellent grade chemical compounds and latest techniques in strict vision of our professionals in line with the set industry standards.The quality range of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, which is formulated using finest chemicals. Also known as hot melt paints and traffic paints. Thermoplastic road marking Paint is a new generation highway marking system, preferred the world over.We only use thermoplastic for rumble strips, since road markings in thermoplastic are more durable and hard-wearing than conventional road paint. It is long lasting and retro reflective hot applied paint. Applicable on asphalt and concrete surface. It is use for Road, Parking and Lane Markings. It is use for zebra crossing, Rumble strip marking, Speed Breaker Marking.These markings facilitated high visibility during day and night both which contributes effectively in instant recognizance of the lanes by vehicle drivers which further leads to smooth flow of traffic and greater safety.Road Parking Reflective Marking Paint Applications:It is used for Roads & Highways, Parking and Lane Markings,Zebra Crossing,Rumble Strip Marking, Speed Breaker Marking.

We are Leading Thermoplastic Parkinglot Stripping yellow Marking Paint Contractor, Manufacturer, Supplier, Installation Provider and Service Provider in Hyderabad and all over India.These Thermoplastic Marking paints are extensively used for Parking Lots,marking marks on highways, streets and roads to avoid any accident. Thermoplastic Road Marking, road marking paint, road marking, thermoplastic paint, glass beads for road marking,thermoplastic road marking paint,thermoplastic line marking, thermoplastic pavement markings,road line paint, Parking Lot Marking Paint, Parking Striping Marking paint, Paint for parking Lot, Road Line Marking paint, Parking lot Striping Paint,thermoplastic paint for parking lots in india, thermoplastic paint for parking lots in Hyderabad, thermoplastic paint for parking lots contractors in india, thermoplastic paint for parking lots Service in hyderabad. Parking Marking Paint: This type of Paint is applied on Parking Areas such as Apartments, Children Park, etc. Here we use Yellow colour Road Marking Paint. These helps in Directing the Way and also helps in night while Reflecting.

a.Lines Marking: Line Marking Thermoplastic Parking Marking Paint is applied on parking areas to Barricade the Car Parking areas and to intimate the persons to walk along the Barricaded area and on ending of roads in a enclave etc. This helps the passer to move in a Particular Direction.
b.Arrow Marking: Arrow Marking Thermoplastic Parking Marking Paint is applied to guide the Vehicles to Particular area and to intimate the passers that there is some other root beside/ Near the Turning’s etc. These intimate the passers that there is a Turning / it intimate the directions to Car Parking areas.
c.Pedestrian Marking: Pedestrian Marking Thermoplastic Parking Marking Paint is applied mostly near the areas where the Persons need to Walk either in Parking areas / near children Park / near Crossing of Roads etc. In a enclave. These helps the Passer’s to move slow and not to make any accidents.

In parking areas we generally use Yellow Colour Road Marking Paint which is also known as Parking Marking Paint. These are also mixed with glass beads for best reflectivity. When the light falls on the Glass Beads this reflects and shows the correct Way. There are Different Types and different applications and different meanings for each in Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint as shown above. The Meaning of Arrow Marking indicates that there is a root indicating to Particular area. The Meaning of Straight Lines at the Centre of the area for Straight Path and with reflectors on it. The Meaning of Zebra Crossing is that the Persons need to move please Go slow at that point in Parking Areas.
Parking Marking Paint (Yellow):
•Lines marking applied on Parking areas to divide the areas / barricading the area for car parking etc.
•Arrows Marking is applied for directing the area to a Particular place such as parking area / Security area etc and also applied when two or more directions at one point.
•Zebra Crossing is applied in the area where the persons need to walk in Parking Areas, near Children Parks etc.

Thermo Plastic Road and Parking Lot Reflective Marking Paint: We are a leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Trader, Exporter, Service installer and Supplier of Thermoplastic Road and Parking Lot reflective Marking Paint from Hyderabad to all over India. We are engaged in offering a Thermoplastic Road and Parking lot marking paint at affordable prices. Which are also called as Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Thermoplastic Parking lot Marking Paint, Parking Marking paint for Car parking lots, Thermoplastic markings, Road Marking Paint, Car park line Marking paint, Thermoplastic Paint and Car parking paint. Which are used to prevent from road accidents. These Marking paints are manufactured by using high grade raw material of Thermoplastic and Glass beads. Which gives the best reflectivity and helps the passers to move in right direction. It is long lasting and retro reflective hot applied paint. These Marking Paints are available in White and Yellow colours. Which are applicable on asphalt and concrete surface.  Our products are highly durable, precision designed, fitted with reflectors and easily installed. These Thermoplastic Marking paints are mostly used for Parking Lots, Marking marks on highways, streets and roads, Apartments, Children Park to mark the space allocated for parking so that vehicles are parked in an organized manner and Crossing areas etc.

2. Road and Traffic Safety Solution and Contractors for Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint / Reflective Road Marking Painting Service from Hyderabad to all over India:

3. Parking, Road and Traffic Safety Solution and Contractors for Rubber Speed Breakers / Plastic Speed Breakers / Speed Bumps from Hyderabad to all over India:

Speed Breakers and Speed Bumps : We are Leading manufacturers , Suppliers, Wholesaler and Installation Service provider of Speed Breakers from Hyderabad to all over India. Speed Breakers are traffic management devices which use vertical deflection to slow down vehicles passing over them. A SPEED BREAKER (also called a Road Hump, Speed Bump) is a rounded traffic calming device used to reduce vehicle speed and volume on residential streets. Speed Breakers are placed across the road to slow traffic and are often installed in a series of several humps in order to prevent cars from speeding before and after the hump.Speed breakers, which are made from high grade rubber. These Speed Breakers are highly resistant to various impacts and harsh weather conditions. We provide speed breakers with reflectors.Rubber Speed Breaker or Speed Bumps that we provide are perfect to have complete control over speed. With Rubber Speed Breaker, speed can be reduced, and therefore these are widely demanded throughout the market. We ensure that Rubber Speed Breaker is tested on parameters such as strength and durability before dispatch to the customers. Speed breakers are used to slow down traffic near schools, hospitals so that children can cross the road more easily or senior citizens can cross at ease. They are also placed near toll booths and entry points of bridges or narrow roads, to ensure that motorists reduce their speed.Speed breakers are also recommended to be installed on Roads.Speed breakers are also known as Speed Humps, Speed Bumps, Speed Ramps, Rubber Speed Bump.

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, trading and wholesaling a qualitative range of Speed Bumps / Speed Breakers from Hyderabad to all over India.  We are offering a High quality of Speed Breakers / Speed Bumps at reasonable prices. The Speed Breakers are also called as Road Humps, Speed Humps, Speed Bump, PVC Speed Breakers, PVC Speed Humps, PVC Speed Bumps, Heavy Duty Solid Rubber/PVC Speed Hump, Safety Speed Bumps, Rubber Speed Breaker, Rubber Speed Humps, Plastic Speed breakers, Speed Breaker Rubber and Speed Breaker Plastic. These speed breakers are helps to reduce the speed of vehicles in controlling the traffic and accidents in roads. Which are manufactured by using high grade raw material of EPDM Rubber / ABS Plastic and advanced technologies. Speed Breakers are placed across the road and installed in a series of several humps, before installing make sure that the road surface is clean, dry and undamaged, mix epoxy to help protect older asphalt from cracking then mark where to fix the bolts holes sit and drill the holes in the substrate through the bumps’ pre-made fixing holes. Fill the holes to two inches from top with adhesive and install washer with hammer. These Speed Breakers are highly resistant to various impacts and harsh weather conditions. Our Speed Breakers are easy maintenance, high visibility and easy to install. Which are mainly used in Highways, Apartments, School Zone, Toll plaza, Narrow roads, Bus stations and Residential areas etc. 


4. Parking, Road and Traffic Safety Solution and Contractors for Parking Traffic Warning Spring Post from Hyderabad to all over India:

Road Delineators:  Road Delineators Manufacturers IndiaWe being a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Metal Delineator Post / Road Delineators from India, Metal Delineator Post Manufacturers in India,Traffic Delineators, Road Delineator Manufacturers India, MS Road Delineators Suppliers India,Delineator Post.With more than two decades of experience in the field of Road Safety Products, we have emerged as a respectable leader for the supply of Delineator Bollard. Delineators are designed to give the best reflective performance to show the road geometry during day and night making it convenient for drivers to keep them away from road hazards. This helps in avoiding accidents. Delineators are particularly beneficial at locations where the alignment might be confusing or unexpected, such as at lane reduction transitions and curves. Delineators are effective guidance devices at night and during adverse weather. An important advantage of delineators in certain locations is that they remain visible when the roadway is wet or snow covered. They can also be used on long continuous sections of highway or through short stretches where there are changes in horizontal alignment. These are available in various designs and sizes.. Delineator Post Size & Dimension: 75mmx900mm. Delineators are suitable for all kinds of roads and made up of Aluminum material with MS 3" pipe powder quoting with reflective tape & best performance to show the road geometry during day and night. These results in avoidance of accordance. This Traffic Delineator conforms to government standards and industry regulations.


5. Parking, Road and Traffic Safety Solution and Contractors for Road Safety Barriers / Water Filled Barriers from Hyderabad to all over India: 


6. All Parking Safety Solution and Contractors for Convex Mirror / Road Safety Mirror / Traffic Mirror from Hyderabad to all over India:

 Rubber Corner Guards: We are leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Trader, Service installer and Supplier of Rubber Corner Guards from Hyderabad to all over India. We are highly engaged in offering a Premium Quality of Rubber Corner Guards at reasonable prices. These Rubber Corner Guards are called as Corner Guards, Edge and Corner Guards, Rubber column guards, Wall corner protector, Rubber corner guard for walls, Wall protection, Wall protection strips, Wall protection bumpers and Wall corner guards. Which are used to protect the Corner / Edges of Walls or Pillars, which means it indicated there is a Wall or Pillar by reflecting using reflective strips.  Which are manufactured by using High Impact resistance of Rubber EPDM and advanced technologies. Our offered ranges of Rubber Corner Guards are available in V and O shape. Which is placed at corner or edge of the Wall or Pillar and mark with a pencil at each mounting hole, remove the guard and drill screw holes at each mark. Replace the guard and attach to the wall with the supplied screws, after corner guard installed, remove protective PVC coating. These Guards has smooth surface on the outside avoids scratches to the vehicles and will not damage the pillar or wall edges. Our Corner guards are easy to use, easy installation with application of epoxy, reflective sticker for better visibility in night, temperature resistant and pre-coloured material etc. Which are mainly used at Parking Lot, Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments, Offices, Garages and Schools etc.

Rubber Wall Guard: We are a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Trader, Service installer and Supplier of Rubber Wall Guard from Hyderabad to all over India. We at YNM Safety offered a wide range of Rubber wall guard at affordable prices. Which are also called as Rubber Bumper Wall protection, Rubber Wall Protection, Wall protection Bumper Guards, Wall Guards, Rubber wall protector, Wall guard bumper, Wall Bumper Guards, Rubber wall protection strips, Garage wall protector, Garage wall guard, Garage Wall protection, Garage Wall protection panels and Garage wall protector rubber. Which are widely used to protect the walls from rubbing and brushing among other damages. These Wall guards are manufactured by using High grade raw material of Polymer Rubber. Our offered range of Wall guards are available in “E” and “D” shape. Before installing make sure that the wall is clean and undamaged then cut the wall to the required length and drill half inch mounting holes through the wall guard Use two fasteners from each end and space the remaining fasteners evenly over the length of the wall guard in a zigzag pattern and then mount the wall guard on the wall after that level the wall guard and tighten the fasteners to secure the wall guard.

Wheel Stoppers: We are leading manufacturer and supplier for car Wheel Stopper product in Hyderabad. We are offering a wide range of Car Wheel Stopper. These products are widely demanded by the clients for their precise performance. Our offered products are suitable to control the speed of vehicles and prevent from damage. Our Wheel Stoppers are available in various sizes and lengths and moreover our Wheel Stopper product is featured with sturdiness and high tensile strength due to which they are able to get repetitive orders from the clients. Our Wheel Stopper is designed from premium quality rubber to make parking is easier. It helps to park the vehicle in the same place every time for cars, trucks and trailers. Wheel Stoppers are used in Parking Areas of Apartments, movie Theatres, Shopping malls etc.

Wheel Locks: We are one of the leading manufacturer, Supplier and Services provider for Wheel Clamp Locks products in Hyderabad. We provide Wheel Locks at affordable prices. Our Wheel Lock Product is largely used in locking cars, and other vehicles. The purpose of Wheel Lock could provide the protection for your cars.  This lock is manufactured by using quality materials and approved technology. This Wheel lock is made available in various lengths and diameter at affordable prices.  We are involved in the supply of high quality Wheel locks. Known for its light weight and precise dimensions, our wheel Clamp locks are provided with an adjustable pivot for infinite adjustment. This Wheel clamp lock is a perfect anti-theft device that will completely immobilize a wheel from rotating or turning. It must have in consideration of your car safety.

Wheel Chocks: We are leading manufacturer, suppliers and services providers of Wheel Chocks in Hyderabad. Wheel Chocks are designed with sturdy material that prevents a vehicle wheels from accidental movement. Wheel Chocks are used for stopping the Heavy Loaded Vehicles in Factories, Industries etc. These are placed to support the breaking system and enhance the grip to the ground. The High premium grade of raw materials are used for fabrication that offer them excellent reliability and efficient performance.

Traffic and Parking Sign Boards: Traffic and Parking Signs Boards help you to control the traffic, indicate road hazards, safeguard pedestrians and designate parking areas. We are one of the leading Manufacturer, Suppliers and services providers of Parking Sigh Boards in Hyderabad. Our Traffic and Parking signs are available in various materials depending on your needs. We have multiple sizes and thousands of legends you can choose from. 

Parking Sign Boards: Parking Sign Boards are used to help to keep Traffic under control. Parking Signs come in a variety of materials and sizes so you are sure to find exactly what you need. The roads and parking areas around your facility, property, campus or other areas need signs of all shapes sizes and directions. We have a huge selection  you will find the all of the Road Signs, Parking Signs, Parking Signs, Street Signs you need right here. Parking Sign Boards also called as Parking Signs, Parking internal Safety Sign, Parking Safety Signage’s, Ceiling Parking Sign Board, Ceiling Sign Board, Wall Mounted Parking Sign Boards, Pedestrian Safety Sign boards, Pedestrian Parking Safety Signage, and Sign Boards. 

Convex Mirrors: We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Safety Products in Hyderabad. We provide High Quality Convex Mirror at affordable prices with having the features of perfect finish, smooth surface and wide area coverage on the mirror. The Convex Mirror is used to provide the driver with a view of vehicles that they must give way to. In order to provide an image sufficient to see large areas, it is necessary to use mirrors with a convex surface.  These mirrors have competitive edge over the existing products because if following features.

Installation of Convex Mirrors: Convex mirrors must be securely mounted to a pole, wall or other high point to deter vandalism and ensure road user safety. The convex mirror should be fitted with a visor at its top. This will reduce the accumulation of dust on the mirror surface. The fitting of a brightly coloured protective targetive board will assist in improving the visible of the mirror which could be of assistance to road users who are not regular visitors to the area. The convex mirror should be installed at a location that provides the best view of the road and the oncoming vehicles concerned. It is also necessary to test for a variety of driver eye heights, e.g. car, truck, etc.  Mirrors should be positioned such that the driver required to give-way can see the conflicting vehicle in approximately the centre of the mirror. It may be necessary to use two mirrors when one mirror does not give a complete view of the road scene.

Parking Safety Traffic Cone: We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporters of Road Safety Cones in Hyderabad, India. It is also called as Parking Safety Cones, Traffic Safety Cones, etc.. We present Road Safety Cones or Traffic Safety cones are used during the construction of projects or automobile accidents. These are designed accurately with high quality raw materials to assure longer working life. Road Cones can be used on highways, at construction sites, at parking lots, during events etc.,. These are designed with chain to create boundary on the roads. Our Road cones come with high reflective sleeves for night time reflectivity. We at YNMSafety provide a wide range of Traffic Cones at reasonable prices. These cones are widely used for diversion in roads and also control the road accidents. Our offered Traffic cones are manufactured using high grade raw materials. Available in various thickness and sizes, these traffic cones are highly demanded in the market. We deliver these Traffic Cones with the help of our reliable logistics facility, within a short span of time.

Road Traffic Safety Barriers: We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Services provider of Road Traffic Safety Barriers products in Hyderabad. We provide these barriers to control the motorists to not to move to Restricted areas, it is also used to stop the vehicle, to direct the vehicles to other path, in construction zones etc.. Which not only helps to control the traffic but also ensure the safety of your work area, and improve the wellbeing of everyone in your surrounding area. Our high-quality traffic barriers meet the all client requirements for use in high-speed construction zones. We designed these traffic barriers for not only safety but also the convenience of your crews.

Road Studs: As a client oriented company, we manufacture and export a High quality of Road Stud. These studs are majorly demanded for dividing lanes on highways and directing vehicles on road. We provide high quality Road studs to our valuable customers. This Road Stud is properly examined by our quality analysers on certain predefined standards and can be easily availed by client at the most reasonable price. Road Studs are used to control the traffic on roads or complexes to provide high visibility guidance at night or in harsh weather days.

Anti Skid Night Glow Floor Marking Tape: We are leading manufacturer and services providers of Anti-Skid night Glow Floor Marking Tape in Hyderabad. These marking tapes are used to create highly visible markings to create lanes, mark separations. Our premium Volume floor marking tape exhibits excellent stickiness, tack and good cohesion strength. The sticky is specially formulated rubber based adhesive for high stickiness application. It also has good resistance to solvent, oil and water. Floor marking tapes can also be useful for helping workers to put materials and equipment back in the right place. It has good resistance to solvent, oil and water. The Floor marking tape has vivid yellow and black colours that are printed on the backing to give you a permanent, high visibility, helping to prevent injuries and tape replacement.  Floor marking tape is high strength, single coated pvc film base tape with strong rubber based sticky. It is used in place of paints. It is better than paint. This Floor Marking Tapes are also called as Marking Tapes, PVC Marking Tape and Lane Marking Tapes.

 Road Barricade Bollard Barriers: We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Suppliers for Bollard Barriers in Hyderabad, India. Road Barricade Bollard Barriers is specifically designed for security & safety purposes during high security applications to control and manage the crowd and traffic. These bollards are designed by making use of High quality raw materials ensuring durability. The bollards highly utilized in construction work projects, industries, roads, parking lots and pedestrian.