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Complete Safety Solutions: YNM Safety / YNM Pan Global Trade Pvt. Ltd. is a Hyderabad based global innovation company that designs space-efficient, quality and safety parking products and installations.  YNM’s systems offer high returns while being a user and environmentally-friendly to the increasing cost of urban living space. YNM provides a broad range of safety services and products Pan India that have applications for road, traffic, parking and industrial- specific problems or requirements. safety Systems and Solutions is one of the major safety and security equipment Manufacture, Supplier in Hyderabad since 6 years. Aiming to achieve Quality,Efficiency to implement successful methods of accident prevention, which save lives on a regular basis and improve working conditions. Historically, building has been one of the riskiest activities, carried out with little or no regard for hazardous factors; societal development on a technological, economical, social and judicial level has lead to workers being protected by law in any possible environment.
Efficient and Effective: YNM is all about safety and protection. We are aware of the perils of parking areas, and have found out a way to effectively deal with them. YNM reinforces the safety of every Parking Lot with brightly coloured Traffic Cones that provide the markers necessary to safely and efficiently direct and redirect vehicles within the confines of a generally crowded area. Fluorescent paint on pillars and painted markers on the ground guide vehicles, and serve to maintain order and safety, even when there is no Attendant in the vicinity.
Safety and Security: A Parking Lot is a temporary home or resting place for a vehicle, and as much as the vehicle's safety must be taken into account, so also must the personal protection of the person guiding the vehicle in and out of the Lot. YNM's Safety Helmets ensure that Parking Lot Attendants not only look professional, but are also protected from any harmful impact in case of an accident.

Think Safety. Think YNM Safety:A Parking Lot without basic safety features is like a building without a roof. At YNM, get the best safety coverage you can ever have. 
Visibility and Versatility: For exceptional safety in Parking Lots, YNM offers you a range of Convex Mirrors to curb collisions. They allow motorists to see around a corner, thus improving safety and preventing accidents in areas where there is a heavy inflow of traffic.
Dynamic and Dedicated: YNM's dynamic team has decades of experience in Safety Solutions and are tailor-made for Parking Lot requirements. The team is regarded for high level of commitment to product quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery.
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